Welcome to Summit Transformation™

Level 1

Change your brain to change the printout of your life.

Join our next training class taught by owner and founder, Jenny Harkleroad.

in this 3-DAY LIVE training, you will learn:

  • How the conscious and subconscious mind works
  • The difference between the brain and the mind
  • Why you are the way you are
  • Why you want your subconscious in line with your conscious
  • How to muscle test to get answers from your system
  • How to create goal statements
  • How to synchronize the brain
  • The science behind the process
  • How to transform subconscious beliefs
  • How to do the Summit Balance, Color Balance, and Cross-Over Balance
  • How to confirm it worked
  • How to set action plans
  • How to use this process to help yourself and others
  • How to track results
  • How to make money using this process

you wilL Get to:

  • Practice with each other
  • Reprogram Your Mind for Success
  • Become confident in the process so you can help yourself and others succeed

you wilL receive:

  • A certificate to show that you are certified in Summit transformation™ Level 1
  • A certification mark for your web site/marketing to show others that you have this certification
  • A new perspective after days of programming your mind for success
  • Positive benefits from the process that you were not expecting
  • New friends with a similar passion to help themselves and others live their best lives
  • Gain muscle testing experience
  • Have a tool you can use for the rest of your life to help yourself and others

What people are saying:

I am thankful for you and your work. After taking your 3-day workshop, I've made so many steps to become better in my marriage, parenting, health and life long learning. Thank you.